Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an effort to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand

Thai Gambling Den Raid Goes Amok. In an effort to quash illegal gambling operations in Thailand Commander-in-Chief General Adul Snagsingkaew announced a crackdown on gambling dens as well as other places of ‘vice’ throughout the country. As a result, significantly more than 200 officers from Metropolitan Police Division 2 recently took part in a Thai gambling den raid performed regarding the infamous Tao Poon casino in Bangkok. However, the operation didn’t go quite to plan as patrons associated with the venue took umbrage to the raid and made a decision to defend their straight to gamble.

Police Attacked by Unhappy Gamblers

Local news reports claimed that upon the arrival of the original police that is 50-strong, the entry points towards the casino were too well-fortified to use, so that the police proceeded to climb up onto the roofs of the neighboring structures, using ladders to bridge the gaps between the rooftops in a daring bid to gain access to the building. However, with this component of the operation, law enforcement came under attack from locals who began pelting the police with sticks, rocks, bottles, ceiling tiles and basically whatever else the irate locals could toss at them. It was noted that some even used fire extinguishers and scalding hot water on the poor police.

No Haul

The delay caused by the assault on law enforcement meant that when they had finally gained use of the casino via a vent, all they found had been nine gambling tables, but no gamblers, employees or cash. In fact, maybe not a single arrest was made in the operation during which three officers were injured, including two who fell through the rooftop during the pelting.

Instead comically, the commander of Metropolitan Police Division 2 stated that he believed ‘we have sent our message across we are seriously cracking down on gambling’. The illegal bookies will definitely be quivering with fear following the operation that is last thwarted by locals with sticks and stones.

Gambling Popular in Thailand

Gambling in Thailand has reached level of popularity which is unseen throughout most of the globe. In fact, gambling is third one of many prosecuted crimes in that country, as the courts saw 49,752 gambling cases this past year, placing the pastime behind simply drug and traffic offences as you will find few opportunities to partake in legal gambling activity that is recreational.

This really has caused Thai gamblers to get creative with their enjoyment of gambling, such as Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s recent statement of three new government transport cars which caused a ruckus with the bookies as the past plates on Shinawatra’s state-sponsored transportation contained four-digit strings of numbers which matched winning lottery results.

Lucky Plates

The statement has resulted in underground lottery players resorting to playing the new license plate numbers in the hope that the Prime Minister’s transport will once more predict the winning lottery numbers. So popular have these numbers been that underground lotteries have experienced to end accepting them as being a hedge against a potentially huge payout. This had result in a further sale that is underground of from those who have been fortunate enough to purchase the tickets before the ban came in, which these are typically doing at a 700 per cent profit.

Rise and Fall of Online Poker Showcased in New Documentary: Bet Raise Fold

Bet Raise Fold: The Story of Online Poker, is a documentary that is upcoming set to chronicle the rise of on-line poker. While the title may never be overly inspiring, it’s actually slightly enhanced through the originally planned title: Boom! The feature-length production guarantees to shed both a spotlight that is personal a few of those whom got embroiled in the online poker revolution, as well as a general representation regarding the events that shaped the industry.


The movie primarily follows three diverse characters who got caught up within the poker boom following accountant Chris Moneymaker’s famous World Series of Poker win in 2003; a win that inspired millions of players to try their luck (and ability) at the game. His win coincided with an explosion of poker on tv, which made world-famous movie stars of several players, and resulted in interest that is yet further the game. For a lot of, that interest took them online, where playing poker for real money had been available and convenient.

Danielle Moon-Andersen is one of the highlighted players into the documentary, a mother that is young helped take care of her family through playing internet poker. Another is Martin Bradstreet, an Australian devoted to uncovering every nuance and facet of the game he can wrap his head around, while travelling the world and playing online poker. Lastly is Tony Dunst, A las vegas pro and television host, who successfully transplanted their real-world poker talent into a successful online playing career.

Unique Funding Approach

Originally designed to primarily showcase the culture of the who made their livings through playing poker online, the documentary took on meaning that is additional the infamous Black Friday, the day on-line poker was shut down within the U.S, and financial records of the web sites were frozen, impacting millions of players.

‘We’re extremely proud with this movie and grateful we have an opportunity to tell the story of online poker the way that is right’ said Jason Rosenkrantz, one of the film’s writers and producers, and an expert poker player himself.

Bet Raise Fold had been funded completely through the poker winnings of several players that are professional. The movie is set to be released in June 2013, and will also be sold directly through the film’s official internet site for $9.99. an edition that is special bonus extras will sell for $12.99.

Canadian Sports Betting Legislation Likely to Stall

Reports suggest that the single-game sports betting legislation in Canada is likely to reach an immovable object soon following opposition from the country’s Senate.

Senator Bob Runciman, a crucial component and backer regarding the C-290 sports gambling legislation, which had been introduced to the House of Commons by Member of Parliament Joe Comartin last 12 months, told news company Quebecor Media Inc. that the bill is expected to strike the wall before the Senate breaks for summer time in several weeks, by having a negative outcome being the result that is likely.

Runciman explained that as a result of quantity of senators actively opposing C-290, there ‘just isn’t sufficient time on the calendar’ to keep a vote on the problem.

Brand New Bill Would Expand Sports Betting

Currently, Canadian sports betting is limited to parlay wagering offered by the provincial lottery corporations. However, the new bill would be an amendment to the Criminal Code and would permit Nevada-style single-game bets.

Nonetheless, the bill passed the House in March 2012, and a negative outcome would almost be unprecedented as just eight pieces of legislation passed by the home have been vetoed in the last seven years. This is especially real when you take into account the bill did not receive an opposing that is single when it was passed by the House.

Opposition from Pro Sports

October saw the first indications of opposition to the legislation when Major League Baseball representatives informed a Senate committee they had been apparently surprised by news of the possible legislation. This appears to possess swung the opinions of the number of upper house members who 1984 section 1 summary took on the sports leagues’ claims that the new legislation could damage the integrity of their product.

They additionally made unprecedented and closed-minded claims that legal sports betting could damage society that is canadian a whole. Clearly meeting the demands of a recreational pastime is perhaps not on top of the agenda of the organizers of a national sport.

MP Is up to speed

However, MP Brian Masse has vowed to lobby senators ’til the end’ to be able to make certain that a fair position on activities betting is used. In fact, Masse has vowed to reintroduce the bill if it does fall flat this time around, while Runciman has implied that the bill that is c-290 in fact materialize later as either a standalone legislation, or component of a budget bill in coming years.

The ruling Tory party of Canada has reportedly made somewhat of a habit of bulking together all manner of unrelated legislations into omnibus bills to back up Runciman’s suggestion. In addition to this, given that they currently hold a bulk within the home, just about any legislation is passed if the Tory celebration wishes to take action.

So while it seems as though it may nearly function as time for the new legislation to pass through the Senate, it does appear likely that new reforms will take place and we may, in fact, see a change towards the legislation of sports betting throughout Canada, much to the jubilation of the who enjoy a recreational bet or two.

Casino Dealer Fined $75K for Stealing from Customers

A casino dealer who needed a little extra cash for some urgent costs thought skimming a couple hundred bucks from customers wouldn’t be such a bad idea to greatly help make ends meet. He now knows otherwise, and went from needing a paltry $200 to needing an impressive $75,000 for the fine he just incurred.

Pittsburgh Dealer Fined

The dealer, Matthew Eisenberg, was employed at Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh whenever the event occurred. He admitted to stealing $200 worth of gambler’s chips to greatly help with a few expenses and pled bad to the offense. Eisenberg had been caught, and afterwards fired, aswell as sentenced and convicted to a year’s probation for the crime. The real blow, nevertheless, came within the form of a $75,000 fine imposed upon him by the judge; a superb that his lawyer Michael Santicola called ‘cruel and unusual punishment’ and completely unbefitting of the crime.

‘It does not fit the crime within our opinion,’ Santicola told CBS Pittsburgh. ‘we think it’s going to follow him around for the rest of their life. You can find individuals who don’t have $75,000 in student loans and it takes them twenty years to off pay that.’

Gaming Act Sets Fine Amount

The fine ended up being, in fact, required to be imposed by the judge beneath the newly revamped Pennsylvania State Gaming Act, and was the minimum amount the judge could levy; the maximum being $150,000. Eisenberg is the first to face that new provision of the gaming work, that was added year that is last despite other dealers in their state having been faced with theft since that provision’s introduction. His lawyer plans to appeal it prior to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

Pennsylvania region lawyer Stephen Zappala states the fine is reasonable, and that the act ended up being updated to guard the integrity associated with the casino industry.

‘It’s very important to patrons of the casino to realize that there is a process in destination to keep them from being ripped off, and also to deter this kind of behavior,’ Zappala noted.

The case goes prior to the Supreme Court this week, and Santicola is hopeful, despite the court’s history of seldom going against legislation passed by the legislature.

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